Why Does This Place Even Exist? – Last Day on Earth: Survival

Last Day on Earth: Survival Why Does This Place Even Exist?
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We are clearing Bunker Bravo using insane amounts of resources!

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  2. I don’t get it lol what place is this vid talking about? And why is the name of the vid “why does this place even exist?”

  3. I just need 11 gas cylinders to finish atv. And i cant even get past half of the 2nd floor of bravo. Hopefully next season i can get some cylinders

  4. Just did a raid today and got 4 stacks of first aid kits! That's always epic! And love your vids as always thanks Cairek you're the best

  5. Hey guys bit of help please. I have a dilemma.

    I just finished a gen. I got three options to use it.

    1. Northern Watch tower
    2. Bunker bravo unlock
    3. Port underground place unlock

    Help would be appreciated.
    This is to move forward in the game

  6. i think the outbreak started at bunker bravo thats why there so many guards zombies and theres radiaton and the military was guarding it so nobody would figure it out
    also its why you need a generator to get in because they detroyed it so nobody could get in or out
    and bunker alfa was their reneforcements that why its so easy but the zombie virus mutated to quick that they got over thrown and now were here

  7. I downloaded it yesterday played it for 4 hours watched ur videos for around 6-7 hours and deleted the game for some reason🙂

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