Weekend's Rush: Laboratory Event Tasks & Crates Opening| LDOE Season 19|Last Day On Earth: Survival

Weekend’s Rush: Laboratory Event Tasks | LDOE | Last Day On Earth: Survival



Cheapest Way To Complete Mu Lan Task At Hidden Garden

Season 19: Clearing Out | Hidden Garden | Silent Abode | LDOE Lunar New Year

Cheapest Way To Clear Bunker Alfa Hard Mode Floor 2

Cheapest Way To Clear Bunker Alfa Hard Mode Floor 3 (Melee Weapons)

Cheapest Way To Clear Farm (NooB To Pro Max!)

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Last Day on Earth is a FREE MMORPG zombie shooter survival and strategy game, where all survivors are driven by one goal: stay alive and survive as long as you can and smash walking dead zombies. This is a pay-to-win survivor sandbox game developed by Kefir Games. The game is currently in Beta v.1.18.12 nd is available on Android and iOS.


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26 bình luận

  1. Still dying at carrion but soon or later will find the right timing .sadly these marks of excellence are totally scam…used everything from lab and nian and no luck to find the skins for bike etc… supposed they appears when opening box from marks.or I am wrong?Most of rewards are so bad….

  2. Despite this video being awesome in and of itself I came here just to say that me as a f2p player got my first atv transmission from delivering 1 toolbox at lvl 137 and the lab still remains untouched but that might change tomorrow we'll see
    P.S. it's 2 am for me this atv transmission solidly knocked out any possibility of sleep that I had previously

  3. I made this quests and I think that this season is p2w and it is a waste of heals, armors and weapons for a f2p player. Nice video, I enjoyed it and it also helped me! I also had only 4 coins so it was very hard to do the lab

  4. I zipped right through the tasks, thought more would appear. Great video! I absolutely love the perk “Toxic Avenger.” Makes it so the spitters stuff doesn’t do anything

  5. I finished both A sectors for my very first time, it went very smoothly and successfully, finished both tasks, but still need to kill 20 something more lab zombies to complete the 90 zombies task

  6. Seen about both A sectors are insufficient amount to zombies. As well if you have the time, could you also make a video about all the prophecy fortune cookie quests. It would help a lot, thank you.🙏🏻

  7. first time doing lab lol at least it help me clear out some gun slots had too many guns :), died 3 times though but that CARRION vid of your back then helped a lot

  8. I think for F2P players doing lab for this event isn't worth it , you spend so many guns and didn't get worth it rewards. I even don't have good modifications.

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