Want To Catch 3 Skull Zombies With Leather Nets? Watch This ! Last Day On Earth Survival

In this video i will try to catch 3 skull zombies from week 1 Rusher, Monstrous Giant and Vicious Beast using leather nets to show you how easy or hard it is to catch them this way in Version 1.17.2 Season 10 Update in Last Day On Earth Survival game.

Catching 3 Skull Gruesome Bloater, Smasher & Decayed Beast With Leather Net !

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  1. It's actually easy to get carbon composite, just recycle full durability guns if you have (get from dealer and green box bunker a)

  2. กดติดตามให้ผมหน่อยครับ ถ้าใครใจบุญครับ

  3. Definitely not agree …
    I could spend 50 leather nets not worth to spent a carbon piece … because I don’t spent full durability guns to get one piece or not. Deer can be killed with spear… my decision bring 40 leather nets and use your hour Time.

  4. There îs one more zombi man and its like The rusher IT looks like The zombies from qarry and has The body structure of a big one

  5. I just fought one called the Crusher, had to kill basically all the zombies in the limestone spires for it to spawn and it seemed more difficult than the Rusher. Like, I probably caught the rusher in 2-3 leather nets compared to like 5 with the crusher and he does 20 damage a hit very quickly too with 500 hp so melee isnt the best vs him!

  6. none of these bosses are new models the vicious beast is liquidator, the rusher is blind one and monstrous giant is frenzied giant

  7. Hey mturbogamer your videos are awesome and I always do like them . I just want to know that where do you get this awesome music from? Please reply

  8. I think it pretty much random. I caught the vicious beast with like 10 leather nets, alongside my medical supplies, amors and guns

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