Unlocking & Reading 18 New Diary Notes ! Last Day On Earth Survival

In this video i will unlock and read 18 Diary Notes in Version 1.14 Season 1 Update in Last Day On Earth Survival game.

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27 bình luận

  1. Where were you grinding at when you found the last few notes? I found all but 6 in the first week and then absolutely none since then. I have been grinding non stop everyday in all the different green, yellow and red zones killing everything and nothing drops.

  2. You are great mTurbo. The great Gamer, thanks for telling us the story. Although zdyt have unlocked his secret event (as said in comment) but I'll still wait and watch your video.

  3. I tried to do the quest Kill Timmy The Bloat today and guess what, he gave me 2 notes at one kill. lucky me So I hope this event worth the time I've waste for those notes lol

  4. I have a problem,i kill the mechanist at gas station using milkor and after that she gone forever because she don't spawn again,Now i can't upgrade my chopper anymore😢

  5. That's not worthy event_-,
    Just 1 corgy, not elite,,
    And other usual stuff, no blueprints or some rare stuff,,

    If u can speak to Kefir,,
    Pls buff this event, add more loots,
    Cuz we're very disappointed

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