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  1. I have max level account but today when I failed in trail of fortitude I rage quitted and deleted but later on when I installed it again my account was gone and sadly I made a lot of purchases so just a few minutes ago I contacted the devs explaining my problem so can u tell me how much it will need to get my account back btw It was connected to Google play

  2. A trick that I discovered was if you run around and shoot without getting hit then other zombies will not spawn, give it a shot, but if the boss you are fighting attacks you (screams, spits, hits, or smashes) then the zombies spawn

  3. Hi, I made a video about this, the easiest way to defeat Arena is not letting the bosses hit you, apparently if they do not hit you, they do not spawn zombies, parasites or so on, so you only need to run and shoot them. Nice video, keep it up!

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