THIS VIDEO WILL MAKE YOU CRY! (LDoE RAID) | Last Day on Earth: Survival

Welcome to Last Day on Earth: Survival 6 worst raids in LDoE history. We all know that know it’s almost impossible to get a great base to raid, but these were my top 6 worst bases ever.


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  1. Have you ever gotten these Player1234 raids? 😀

    Me Playing The Last of Us Part 1

    Want some Cairek Merch? ^^

  2. Hi happycairek can i join to your clan plz im to weak on last day on earth i cannot find the copper i dont know how to find it i need your help plz i know you are so strong on last day on earth but plz can you help me i want to fight the big one plz let me join to your clan.

  3. well I also got same type base with 2 chest. but not lucky as you I got only plank, food and tape in those chest. this is insane 😭

  4. I know how pissed you got there. I had a raid last week where I somehow managed to kill the blindone and the best thing I get from the raid is 100 stone and ton of crap

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