The VIP System in Last Day on Earth is Worse than We Thought…. (Gameplay)

Last Day on Earth has dropped the VIP zone update. And it’s worse than we thought

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  1. So the repair workbench is in single player, for ftp players. But its not craftable because it needs tungsten, like literally look in the crafting tab it there

  2. It is p2w normal ldoe is without vip p2w and now it is extreme i love ldoe but it is very expensiv if u wanna be fasster to progres minecraft is 100% free after u buy it ir download cracked version they put u in teh world and do what ever u want

  3. I kinda hate ldoe. They put beta for the excuse. The real beta test is means by a complete game which they check for the flaws. I could say this game is far from complete. Silly Dev's trying to test us as guinea pigs. If you not like to test, don't play. Or you can. I am tired of being a beta tester

  4. This is very accurate and because of the way they run things I'm quiting the game and I got 37 of my other friends to join me. We all enjoyed it in the beginning and paid for seasonal passes for years EVRY MONTH but no longer, theyre going crazy w these pay walls

  5. Well the actual game isn’t p2w but spending the money does make it much easier tho. ( granted the vip area is obviously pay to play but the game is still fun for f2p players ). Personally I find my self as a budget player like I don’t spend too much money but I spend a little bit of money every so often such as ( season pass, survival guide, savings packs, and some special deals).

  6. i have the repair bench its meh tbh the reason why is because it doesnt matter the durability of your weapon usually guns it takes AN ENTIRE DAY 24hours to repair 1 gun

  7. What i only see inside the restricted zone is there is a Bear rag. To do that you need a chopper wheelie trick to get inside VIP zone without Buying VIP or you can see inside the black area if your wheel got through inside the wall

    You can do ramp with chopper models you can see behind the Lucky Spin pickup truck

  8. Why is their VIP descripton so needlessly poorly written? To get players confused? Well, they certainly succeeded.
    Well, if anything, you got me interested in Frostborn…

  9. People need to see this seems highly well timed for this big update that's being brought up, look at the last season and the amount of weapons some people got. Also resources are seemingly becoming easier to obtain, I feel this has a heavy link towards multiplayer being brought into single player because of this vip status. The perks knocks down travel, increases experience helping lower players gain on higher ranked players. There's another way to obtain guns through tokens, list carries on. And that thing about neutral zones, I could be missing something but that sounds like frostborn to me. Where you have neutral zones then pvp

  10. Pay money = milkor every twelve hours, TWELVE HOURS! this is just making the rich richer and the f2p are gonna start quitting

  11. Pay 2 playyyyy
    This game used to be awesome. But if you don't pay you can't progress that much. There is a border between pay to wins and free to plays. And that border is huge. And this makes me mad, because a game like this called SURVIVAL and not PAYVIVAL shouldn't lock options which can ease your stuff by a bit…

  12. people whining about vip system cuz p2w now…GTFO the game already been generous to us..a little bit of vip doesn't effect the game…if you guys don't like the game cuz the vip system…seriously get life or delete it instead of whining!

    the season pass already cheap compared to other game..

    some people really dumb

  13. Well, I can’t imagine spending anywhere near that kind of money on it, all at once. But considering that I always buy season passes and any seasonal themed pack, eventually I will creep up into some of the decent bonuses. So I’m pretty happy with it. Already have basic access just due to the Halloween/Season stuff.

  14. ZDYT I think the perfect season would be something like a mix of season 2 and season 16. Season 16 had the best rewards. And season 2 had the best storyline

  15. game is getting more expensive.
    not everyone can just spend money in mobile games. And now they add the VIP zone which is so expensive.

    I'll be living my fantasies of being able to access the VIP Zones through LDoE streamers which is just so sad

  16. People are missing a key detail. You don't exactly spend money to get there. You spend money on, well, anything AND get access to the VIP zone as a little extra. So if before you could spend, say, 5$ on a season pass, you got the season pass, now you get the season pass + some water, healing and coins/rations, maybe some minor perks which don't exactly do much. You don't spend 355$ to get to level 10, you… spend 355$ on random things which you would've gotten anyway and get level 10 as an extra reward. Which is why it's just a little improvement for p2p players. There is nothing too major (except the Prestige perks but those are very scarce with an average p2p amount of money spent), the perks feel like fillers, just to give the players a little boost, the stations giving items are meh, the black market… why not, lol, there is finally a way to guarantee yourself an ATV transmission by paying without relying on immense luck, the rest of the goods aren't too great. Wheel of Fortune is pretty damn useless as well, minor amounts of caps (up to… 200/day on the max level with a 1/6 chance to get? Not that good), not a lot of coins (I guess over a week it would accumulate enough for a raider task skip or two), rations… for 2-3 resource zones… bruh…, mystery gifts (idfk what it is).

    Things done well: for the majority of it, the thing serves its purpose very well, being just a little extra for making a purchase. Doesn't offer too much OP stuff, except for a few high-level items, not too good, just what it is supposed to be.
    Things NOT done well:
    Would be nice of them to actually, you know, make your former purchases contribute towards your level. Maybe at 50% efficiency or with a level cap (like it cannot provide more than level 5 no matter how much you spent before the new version). But oh well, that's just a minor complaint.
    The real one is the goddamn repair stations. My clan held a few f2p players who were hoarding hundreds of broken guns in hopes for it, and… oh well… poor lads.
    Would've been better for it to be available for everyone, but the non-VIP version having drawbacks. Available for crafting, although expensive, which would repair stuff pretty slowly and with some other drawbacks, like reducing max durability, not being able to repair high-tier guns (ofc no-one would let you repair milkors hahaa), and maybe requiring to be charged with batteries/car batteries. While a paid version should be faster, mitigating or removing the drawbacks (although still no milkor repairs), and not having to be crafted, always being available at the Gas Station.

  17. Cairek said that the repair bech can fix one weapon every 12 hours. If that is true than you can fix 2 grenade launchers every day or 14 a week. So you can do 99 waves in PD every single week. That is so pay to win….

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