THE PATH TO BUNKER CHARLIE + NEW TOWN LOCATION (The Commune..)- Last Day on Earth Survival Season 20

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Welcome to the Last Day on Earth Survival NEW UPDATE SEASON 20 aka the LDoE Season 20 Update as we check out the PATH TO BUNKER CHARLIE through the NEW TOWN LOCATION as The Commune returns… This Last Day on Earth Survival Season 20 New Update is incredible as we’re checking out the path to Bunker Charlie through the new town location as The Commune returns in LDoE Season 20! So let’s get to checking out this ldoe new update for season 20 with its path to bunker charlie through the new town location, the commune, and more in today’s Last Day on Earth Survival Gameplay Video!

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What is the Last Day on Earth Survival Season 20 New Update ?

Last Day on Earth is a FREE MMORPG zombie shooter survival and strategy game, where all survivors are driven by one target: stay alive and survive as long as you can and shoot walking dead zombies. There is no place left for friendship, love and compassion. A deadly plague virus pandemic has turned the world into a dead zone full of unkilled zombies. You can trust only yourself in this post apocalyptic world infected with walking dead zombies

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  1. Check out the mobile version of Ragnarok: The Lost Memories, download HERE!
    (Huge thank you again to Ragnarok: The Lost Memories for sponsoring the video and supporting the channel <3)

    SEASON 20 CONTINUES!! And with it, the return of the commune as we explore this new town location and the path it has laid to Bunker Charlie 😀 Let me know what y'all think about the return of the Commune too! And of course, I hope that y'all enjoy the heck out of the video and have an absolutely incredible day <3

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  2. Starsnipe you can get 5 green cards at the garden event which is definitely worth upgrading. But other than that this event is a total waste of resources for f2p players

  3. I am sorry STAR, I love your channel and all your LDOE uploads. But I enjoy it so much when you die in LDOE! I don't mean it in a mean way, it is just hilarious watching you struggle and then die. It helps me feel like less of a NOOB.

  4. I do really❤ when Star uploads. I just wish he makes more Alpha 20 Videos 🙁 i'd Appreciate that n i'd Love it even more! 🙂

  5. I need a help I connected my old last day on earth account with my Google play but I lost my android phone and can anyone tell me how do I recover my old account of last day on earth account

  6. Yes i remember i thought it Looked Familiar

    If star doesnt use the Mortar Every time He would actually Clear it, Its not hard.. He just makes it look hard Unfortunately…

  7. Hey Star pls check out the mobile game "Craft of Survival Immortal" its a great game and has great story it also has lots of bosses to kill, it is a ldoe themed game but it has skills and magic u should try it out👍

  8. This event seems too much like Bunker Bravo, where it seems like it requires you have fully modded Guns to get through….
    Events seem to be ‘spend to win’ stuff…. Mad spending to win in fact… Imo.

  9. I was having a rough day, and this video made me forget for awhile! Very funny, loved it!
    Oh and I didn't complete the swamp one the first time around, cuz I didn't realize it was timed either.

  10. I want to see the day when there will be bunker Charlie added or bunker update and people wont click on video because you used the bunker icon way too much 😁

  11. So star I have a video idea might not be the best but I want a mod review so we can see all the mods on your guns and equipment. But in the end it is your choice.

  12. Wow dev getting really lazy just copied over from previous season. If they are to do that at least copy over something better like that s3 for Moses or something. I thought this was an old video had to double check dates. Then realize just a copy

  13. There was no timer before on the mortar challange. I can say I was laughing at you for not noticing there was a timer. Also the ritual challenge I think they increased the amount of enemies.

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