The Most Efficient Way to get ASH WOOD in Last Day on Earth Survival. LDOE Swamp

Getting Ash is the only way to get your Chemistry Station and the key to being able to stack more items. But gathering Ash can be extremely difficult so today I’m going to teach you the most efficient way to farm for it in Last Day on Earth Survival.

Farming for ash is a lot like farming for oak but walking in the swamp area reduces your speed by 50%. The one exception to this is if you are wearing rubber boots, but rubber boots are expensive so I don’t recommend using them. Rather, I recommend using tier 3 armor with SWAT boots because I assume that a lot of you guys have extra armor. If you do not have lots of extra armor, then you are spending way too many resources on Bunker Alfa so if that is the case for you, then I recommend checking out my playlist on Bunker alpha.

Remember to check out the sister video on ZD’s channel on how to get LEAD ORE

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  1. Remember to check out the sister video on ZD's channel on how to get LEAD ORE:

    Also, one of my subscribers made a website for me that is pretty cool Let me know what you guys think and make sure to give him suggestions (in the contact us section of the website)

    Follow me on Twitter at

    I get almost all my music from Two Steps from Hell. They are my favorite group of musicians and one of my favorite Youtube channels. Please check them out. You will love their music:

    The song I use at the end of my videos is their song victory:

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  3. This is only useful for pay to wins , I quit the game , I was too burnt out from the bunker bravo runs I did constantly , Ive only completed 20% of my ATV from 8 months of grinding so I'm quitting to feel happy.

  4. Completing the atv is literally impossible, it would require hundreds and hundreds hours of grinding! Can you do a video on how to complete the atv??

  5. I wanna save everyone's time and share the fact that most of the sites in the comments are just spam. Only Gamecrook works for me.

  6. It’s good your remaking your old vids that might be outdated because their are still some things I need help with like stone walls or farming and that’s all I need help with

  7. How the condom do you not have 1 m subs already? I watched you 1y ago. Dam. you work so hard and never get paid back. hope you get more subs

  8. @JCF did you ever tested the Project Zomboid game? It's only for PC. It's similar to LDOE in terms that it's a survival with a zombie thematic, but the game is really more realistic and has a LOT of detailed things. Downside is it's still on development, but LDOE is too, so it's worth a look. I'm loving the game. For me it's the best in the genre yet.

    And a spoiler: it has multiplayer! Sadly not on the latest beta build, but on the latest stable version there is.

  9. Why did i hack the game:
    I was a legit 168lvl player,i almost went insane trying to make the ATV,i ended up reseting the account,and downloaded the modded one,
    The apk is still on the server(not detected),but it only has item dupe(split=duplicate),free building(no resources required),and free crafting(provided u reached the appropriate level to craft it),NO unlimited coins or energy cause it got patched.if you want a item,the only drawback is that you need to find 1 of it,find one of it( and dupe it how much you want).
    This is my fck you Kefir for making a good game p2w.

  10. Hey man. I just subscribed. Do me a favor and do the mine trick at the police department for your subscriber's. It really helps.

  11. its no use… much antecipated thing on game (atv) is behind a pay to… huge and expensive grind wall… then you get it and another good grind to get just a little of on storage update… "but lead" at that point lead is the least of your problems… man heli will be a huge joke… if one day they release it.

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