The Blind One Guide: Why, When, Where and How: LDOE Log #10

Haven’t defeated The Blind One yet? Looking for a complete guide? Well, you’ve come to the right video! I cover preparation, location, and different strategies for the battle. The Blind One should become a core part of your Last Day on Earth routine, and this guide is a good starting place to help make that happen! Thanks for watching. 🙂

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Outro Song: A Spring Without You (feat. Noctilucent) – Kozoro
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  1. All of my other ldoe videos are in this playlist:

  2. I tried it once and won but the second time i got killed twice when i was outside of the range and lost my tactical backpack due to bad game design

  3. Third: i suggest for players that dont have mods is to bring a shotgun, an Ak-47or a glock, tactical armor and around 13-15 first aid and to get to the room bring a uzi, a saw blade mace and an m16 and bring some more healing items because theres a high chance youll die You only need to defeat 8 zombies to get to the blind one firstly open the door then sneak at the same time then kill the zombie using the saw blade mace ignore the bloater and the fast biter then sneak behind the spitter then attack it using the saw blade but he wont die so switch to your uzi then the exploder will attack then just kill it with the uzi as well the parasites are very dangerous so becareful now sneak towards the door because if you dont you will atract the bloater and the fast biter in the other room then sneak attack the spitter thats looking behind you then use the uzi to take out both spitters then heal up then get your m16 and uzi since the uzi must be almost destroyed then kill the 3 spitters with the two guns if you need to heal switch out the uzi or if its destroyed just drag the healing or if you the extra pocket you wont have to then go to the blind one and do the trick he showed then once your shotgun broke switch to your ak-47 or glock and finish the job

  4. Im going to try again tomorrow. Have to do my regularly clearing of the police station 1st so i can keep my blue cards stacked up.
    I only do the levels at the station every other time. The other times i go and just clear the station and get 5 blue boxes 📦 i do the same thing with bunker A getting green yellow red boxes 📦.
    This method has helped me STAY STACKED with guns with 2 racks filled with guns. Working on a 3rd thanks to this season 🙏🙌👌
    After the blind one ill start with bunker B really want my atv still sooooo far from getting that done think i only have 25 batteries maybe 70 motors tons of rubber thats not a issues i stay making it with the press table. But all the other stuff nightmare for F2P

  5. I just tried this last week. And the alarms didn't work! He still healed i tried using mini guns used like 60 aids tons 40 food a few glocks.. why wouldn't the alarm work???

  6. Just defeated the blind one by using 50% Tactical Armor, some food, 8 med-kits and one anti-rad pill (used it cuz I ran out of heal) and 1 and 1/5 shotgun unmodded. Thanks for the help! Amazing video!

  7. I killed blind one with 20 first aid kits and I had 8 ret tickets now I have 28??? He literally dropped 20???? Impossible but me happy

  8. I say crowbar and wall trick those zombies you kill before reaching the blind one. No need for a fully modded machete. But a normal machete would come in handy because of the 3 spitters you gotta fight. Allthought you cann walltrick them too

  9. Thank you for the tutorial! I liked the part where you showed how to actually get to the Blind One since I am having trouble with the Exploders and just the overall buff to the zombies.

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