THE Best Survival Games On PS4/XBOX ONE – TOP 30 Survival Games To Play

Check out the new list for 2021 the top 30 survival games you can play on either ps4 or xbox one or nintendo switch
agree? disagree? pop ya comments and top 3 games in comments section
00:00 top 30 survival games
02:32 30. Frostpunk
03:30 29. Solus Project
03:56 28. Pixark
04:24 27. Kona
04:50 26. Zombi
05:39 25. Ancestors
06:34 24. We Happy Few
07:25 23. How To Survive
07:54 22. Memories Of Mars
08:45 21. Fallout 76
09:33 20. Atlas
10:27 19. Space Engineers
11:10 18. Citadel Forged With Fire
12:19 17. Outward
13:06 16. Fade To Silence
13:49 15. Dragon Quest Builders 2
14:25 14. Stranded Deep
15:01 13. Astroneer
15:57 12. State Of Decay 2
16:38 11. Dayz
18:05 10. The Long Dark
18:56 9. No Mans Sky
20:02 8. Terraria
21:00 7. 7 Days To Die
22:09 6. Dont Starve & Dont Starve Together
23:02 5. Ark Survival Evolved
25:09 4. Conan Exiles
28:13 3. Minecraft
29:06 2. Subnautica
30:31 1. The Forest
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42 bình luận

  1. I would like to play DayZ, but on Xbox, there is LITERALLY NO LOOT. Like nothing. I can’t do anything but walk around punching zombies with a stick. It really is boring.

  2. Minecraft is not the godfather of survival games, it just made it more main stream. Fallout New Vagas hardcore is the Godfather of survival games it came out a full year before minecraft tho… It is also the game that made devs think they can get away with releasing buggy messes. Yes new vegas is full of buggs but i has such great lore, quests and game mechanics that we forgave it. Nevas does the opposite of most games. When you start you are like ew what is this crap with bad graphics and boring look. But the more you play it, the more you enjoy it. A bit like a drinking addiction. Most games start good then becomes boring but not new vegas. I seems you havent played it yet. New vegas is the game that made the fallout franchise good and is the reason so many people were disapointed with 76. We wanted another new vegas like game but instead you gave us this crap? F u. Bethescrap!

  3. I love the fact there are both pvr and pvp servers on ark (Rust could really use pve servers for the new players to learn the game) but they really need to fix the lag and prevent 1 guy from building blocking the entire map… Its so easy to do that, just place pillars everywhere they are cheap to make and the cheapest will stay there a whole week, metal ones stay an entire month!!! Ark should take Rust's example and have ressources requirements to prevent building decay. If tou run out, the base decays away in the period from a few hours to 1 or 2 days max. This would fix everything.
    There are players with huge basses that doint even play ark, they just log in once a month to reset decay timer every month it really ruins the game.

  4. DayZ needs a mouse cursor on xbox for inventory management. I dont care what silly excuses you make about all the stupid button combinations it simply doesnt work. Do wt 7 days to die die or what ApocZ did and by the way ApocZ is not only on xbox, its just like DayZ AND its only 1$ AND IT HAS WAY LESS BUGS. And simple controls.

  5. the real problem with space engineers is that failed to simplify the controls for consol and there is no vocal voicing for the tutoroial. Theres a lot of reading to do. So most players (me included) quited right at the start. PubG had the same problem.
    7 days to die on the other hand understood everyone saw videos with the pc controls so when they ported the game to xbox they gave us a mouse cursor that we control with the left stick…. Space Engineers and PubG why couldnt you IDIOTS not just do that?

  6. Love this video but maybe next time can you get to the point quicker because it is confusing when trying to skip it with the gameplay too.

  7. Good video. Never played survival games really before but am interested in trying them out. May give some of these a try in the near future

  8. Good content but you talk way too much starting out. 2:30 mins of nothing but talking instead of talking bout the survival games isn’t a interest to me.

  9. I agree with number one the forest is king and it was my favorite game for a year and I have played the game since it came out on ps4 and I am exited for the sons of the forest to come out on winter last day of December 2021 the last day of the year at least endnight games did not lie about its release date

  10. I So Badly wanna play Subnautica, but my fear of the Deep blue ocean and its Leviathans turn my anxiety up to 9000.

    I could spend years playing survival games.
    I just want a survival game in space.
    Entering and exiting planet atmospheres manually, without cutscene, minor space battles, making a stable self-sufficient home on an alien world with a big tiddy 8ft alien babe…. Yeah, that's life.

  11. If you want to play ark. Don’t. I thought id hate it. I have 10 THOUSAND HOURS ON IT. IM FUCKING 16. ITS MY FAV GAME OF ALL TIME AND I CAN SAY. DONT. FUCKING. GET IT.

  12. My only complaint for subnatica is the map loading problems on Xbox breaks immersion so fast and having to wait till the map chunks load in to do anything really sucks

  13. @Jade what ever happened to that dragon game you played as a dragon and you raised others the one they reckoned your man was conning people can't remember the name

  14. Loving being back on Atlas the last 2 weeks tbh Gen2 is stale even the new map will get boring quick too. Looking forward to New World, Battlefield, Dying Light 2, Halo and a few other games this year

  15. I would play z a lot more if there were sleeping bags or something to spawn in rather than 4 hours from your base ! I love the game but if you build anywhere from the middle of the map you have to survive a 2 hour trip back to base or longer unless you build near spawn and even if you build by spawn it can be a long trip. I get that its trying to realistic but i dont want to walk for hours trying to get back to my friends.

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