Snow & Oak Red Zone x 11 – Finding Weapon | 99 Waves Preparation Part I | Last Day On Earth Survival

LDOE Snow & Oak Red Zone | 99 Waves Preparation Part I | Last Day On Earth Survival
LDOE Finding Grenade, weapon, engine, C4, Cog and Husky

Simple style
✅ Enjoy The Little Things. 🚮

Simple device + simple skill = Simple Content 🤣

For your reference ( another armorless & Medicineles bunker Alfa gameplay videos ):
Bunker Alfa Floor 2 ( Normal )

Bunker Alfa Floor 2 ( Hard )

Bunker Alfa Floor 3 ( Normal )

Bunker Alfa Floor 3 ( Hard )

Bunker Alfa Floor 4 ( Normal )

Bunker Alfa Floor 4 ( Hard )

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22 bình luận

  1. OMG!! Hey man how often do you go to the frozen zones? I normally don't go there thinking it's the cold version of pine woods location. Is it worth it? If you did grind in those cold area within a week how many husky puppies will you get?
    Since I got to know more info I subscribed. 🤘

  2. Damn its my first time in red zone in winter I farmed copper and the zombie heals alot my poor 2/4 pieces of fur armor rip i shouldn't have fought them 😢🤣🤣🤣 lovin the content i always watch daily no preasure tho you also need some time to relax ill keep watching lit videos 🔥🔥🔥

  3. bro.. to be more energy efficient, you can go through a fishing event near a frozen backwoods … only 7 energies… that's my suggestion

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