SECRET LOOT STASH + TURRET BOSS (KEY to BUNKER FLOOR 5 + 6) – Last Day on Earth Survival

Welcome to the LAST DAY ON EARTH SURVIVAL as we’re unearthing the SECRET LOOT STASHES and battling the TURRET BOSS as we find the KEY to BUNKER FLOOR 5 + 6! We’re also raiding a base raid in today’s Last Day on Earth Survival Update 1.12.3 Gameplay video!

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☆ Video uploaded & owned by Starsnipe. (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)

What is Last Day on Earth Survival Update 1.12.3 ?

Last Day on Earth is a FREE MMORPG zombie shooter survival and strategy game, where all survivors are driven by one target: stay alive and survive as long as you can and shoot walking dead zombies. There is no place left for friendship, love and compassion. A deadly plague virus pandemic has turned the world into a dead zone full of unkilled zombies. You can trust only yourself in this post apocalyptic world infected with walking dead zombies. family friendly pg clean

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  1. Soooooo Floor 4 has some very nice loot and the key to Floor 5 + 6, but also some very tough enemies… Hope y'all enjoy the video and have an absolutely fan-freakin-tastic day (:

  2. 2022 and they still done nothing to with that generator and locked room with the finger . god dam its been 3 years no update

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  11. Good game, yall should have all the fun, but don’t ever get mad for it, don’t ever spend as well! Even if it seems promisingly good in its future development, but just a fair remind to yall, it’s Kefir, a money making machine, not long have I played, but have had much enough knowing that they won’t make it any easier for yall. Do you think they did a fair system for yall, all these spent resource and weaponaries traded for nothing? Nah, they were luring yall all these time to spend, just don’t spend.

  12. Ive always see your vids for clearing and mission's but i lose hope for these game its hard to get a chopper wheel , i cant go to another places bringing some heavy items

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