S10 Week 2 All New 2 & 3 Skull Zombies Complete Guide ! Last Day On Earth Survival

In this video i will guide you about all the new 2 skull and 3 skull zombies at the 2nd week of Season 10 which are Crusher, Icy Chewer, Reaper, Icy Biter, Raging Muncher and Rancid Hybrid in Version 1.17.2 Season 10 Update in Last Day On Earth Survival game.

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  1. I had a run in with the Rancid Hybrid. It poisoned me and I couldn't net it. Cost me like 4 carbon net's to figure out the poison was stopping me from completing the netting and it would get back up.

  2. Idk why when i tried to net the rancid hybrid it kept escaping more than 5 times in a row even with carbon net, and i already did it as fast as possible, only captured 1 of it then i cancelled the contract bcs i waste too many nets and weapons :/

  3. Dude can you make a how thunderbolt attacks the survivors in last day on earth I am afraid to do because if I died in any zone I will lost all items can you make a video for me

  4. @mturbogamer i wanted to let u know i found a way to walltrick when hunting zombies if u stand on the corner of the truck and let the zombzomb hit u it wont deal damage just make sure the zombzomb is around the corner of the truck just use crowbar n ur good respond if u saw my comment love ur vids and u could include this tip in ur vids if u want to if u have question abt it i will tell u ❤️

  5. Do we get reputation points even after killing them…..or we have to research on them to get reputation points???….plz reply….btw love ur videos

  6. @mTurbogamer – dude if you are poisoned – you can't cast a net. Wait until you stop taking damage before you throw the net.

  7. I don't if there is bug or something else but the zombie name fetid corpse I need to catch 3 even after second time this happen to me

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