REALLY WORTH IT? OR NO? (Farm Location) – Last Day on Earth: Survival

Welcome to Last Day on Earth: Survival Is Farm Location Worth it or No? You can find there some puppies and nice melee blueprints, so loot isn’t bad.


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  1. Makes me sad seeing you open all those police crates and get factory parts while knowing it is no longer available in police department 😭

  2. I died twice on my first farm run but, because of HC, this video made me LDOE Farm Pro instantaneously.👍😁 Thanks, Cairek. YOU are King of FTP! God Bless you! I'll cya in Heaven, Brother.

  3. Where can you find the most scrap metal? I never can find a lot of scrap metal and I need it for my traps I’m tired of the horde destroying my house 😔

  4. Lol u explained how u bought packs for steel and resources u dont need to buy weapons thats basically doing the same thing (pay to win) lol

  5. Interesting. I play this game for one and half year. Never finished bunker, always ran out of firearms to kill frenzies… they always one hit me and i lose all my stuff. Even i come back most often he waits next to door or around and kills me again. I havent found a gas tank though rest of my bike is finished. Always weapons are problems especially firearms. Sometimes all you youtoubers seems like having support from company you make videos for in various games etc. Either youre damn good and spending 24/7 on game or just have support of kefir… anyway looks good though it doesnt make me buy stuff at all after watchinv

  6. i like to do farm more quietly xd, farm its pretty good, not bad loot and not that hard, keep going love ur vids, start raiding :))

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