REAL MULTIPLAYER LOCATIONS! (Very SOON) – Last Day on Earth: Survival

Welcome to Last Day on Earth: Survival New Real Multiplayer Locations Very Soon! This was a detailed analysis of a new sneak peek from LDoE developers. This month will be huge with this new multiplayer update.


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Full LDoE Beginners Guide in one screenshot:

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34 bình luận

  1. It is the last day of Earth Survival game it is the dinosaur thing of about the last day of the dinosaurs and I think you should play the game it's just when you spawn in there you see like a guy and died when he was driving his motorcycle with the skin on the game of last day of the game

  2. Dude those tubes in the contamination room are for Disinfecting microbes beacause no one is gonna let you in a clear area whit maybe a virus on you…. 😐

  3. i think everybody will start with that radio center and you will get quests from there and completing missions will give you loot to upgrade your warehouse,for ex. getting different metal and electronic pieces for the power suit, the guy in the top right,that kinda of storage room you will have to save a trader or some kind of and take him back with the car,only people with S7 (Sector 7) will have the warehouse 😀

  4. to get one active skill at police department, need 10 purple cards (i change 20 purple card and i just got 2 active skill mod) so definitely it's really not worth it moreover if you free 2 play account

  5. The place looks like a gun shop.since it has a gun range on the lower screen.and on the upper left part looks like the wall of sector 7 so maybe we need to access the wall unfortunately since its very expensive
    PS I just decoded it while seeing the thumbnail before watching the vid

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