NEW UPDATE – NEW BATTLE ROYALE EVENT w/ EPIC LOOT – Last Day on Earth Jurassic Survival Gameplay

THERE’S A NEW UPDATE with a NEW BATTLE ROYALE EVENT that has EPIC LOOT in today’s Last Day on Earth Jurassic Survival Gameplay Update 1.0.6 video! Last Day on Earth Jurassic Survival Gameplay is surprisingly fun so far and not a blatant ripoff lol, so I hope you guys enjoy the Last Day on Earth Survival Dinosaur Edition / Jurassic Survival Update 1.0.6 Gameplay! 😀

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What is Jurassic Survival Update 1.0.6 / Last Day on Earth Survival Dinosaurs Edition?

Jurassic survival is a free survival MMORPG where you either hunt and survive or become a prey in this wild unfriendly world.

Waking up in the shadows of palm leaves on the wet ground, you cannot remember how you got here. The only hope is to become stronger and more cunning than the lizards reigning on the land, untouched by civilization. With a cold-blooded killer waiting around every corner, there’s only you and your friends you can rely on in this desperate battle for existence.

Internet connection are required.

Tips for hunters:

*Predators everywhere!
Use your all your knowledge against dinosaurs and the wild nature. Remember: a hunter doesn’t ask its prey for permission.

*Your home is your castle.

Rely on your shelter and deadly weapons in order to undergo all sufferings: build firm walls, place traps, make more effective hunting equipment.

* Unlock new areas to explore!

You have to find out what terrible secrets are hidden in these mangrove jungles. The only thing you can do is move forward!

*Join gangs (clans)
Dinosaurs unite into packs for hunting. Follow their example and find out who drops out from the natural selection.

*Information is the second most valuable resource.

It’s much easier to fight the enemy if you know its behavior. Use the chat to communicate and share your experience with other hunters.

* Don’t give up!

Be ready to face difficulties. Cold and lack of water and food won’t leave you any chances in the cruel world of primordial laws.

Remember! Your every step has consequences and your wrong decision can lead to a fatal outcome. Trust, but do this cautiously! Yesterday your neighbour shared food with you and today he can throw you to a pack of raptors just to buy some time to escape.

Jurassic Survival is a relatively free game and is downloaded for free. However, you can speed up your progress with in-game purchases. Please, set up extra protection for your account and set a password for purchases in the Google Play Store app settings if you aren’t going to use this feature.


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  1. What on earth !!!!! 😡😡😡 how did star just miss that swat armor is anyone else very mad that star keeps on missing stuff in games

  2. Probably already said, but behind the guy taking the dog tags there's a trader that will trade you dog tags if you give them some rare stuff, like claws and such.

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