New LDOE Bounty Update: Rewards & How To Complete!

Last Day on Earth just got a mini update before the Season 18 launch. In this update the zombie bounty system makes a return. The event is pretty straightforward, but the prizes and added tasks until season 18 are a nice addition for sure. 🙂


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  1. Hey pressing X I’ve had my sunken box for a while now but I don’t have acid bath yet. Can I put it on the floor or will it disappear like the infected box??

  2. I got Old school bike skin without purchasing premium and u can also paint it for free no paint required.
    I have ss if u want i can dm u 🙂

  3. Yo dan saw ur stream today about this update btw ur face was as smooth as a butter lol jk, just gonna watch this video anyway to give u watch time

  4. So the task is auto-accepted, and it changes the resource areas with weird weather. I need to hunt a special zomb at red zone for a raider task, I wonder will this affect the spawn rate of said zomb

  5. I noticed that if you click on the dice as always u get odds shown for the box – it says guaranteed last skin at 100 silver key boxes opened and 50 for orange key boxes. Bearing in mind event is 18 more days = 6+18*3= 60 silver boxes a F2P player can open without gold resetting. Hopefully later on maybe we can get more than 75 keys per day to reach that 100

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