New & Final Season 10 Teaser Detailed Analysis ! Last Day On Earth Survival

In this video i will show you an analyse the new Season 10 Teaser posted by Devs of Last Day On Earth Survival game.

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  1. Plsss mturbo accept my request to your clan my name is AgentPsycho I don't have a clan I'm a higher level and I'm playing ldoe for 1year 😥plssss😥🤧

  2. Your right bro update coming this week. Devs replied my comment in their facebook official page saying update coming this week and also said very soon maybe tomorrow or Wednesday update coming 😍

  3. hope this season brings good as I see the trailer it would be comming with a new permanent zombie maybe it would be a new version of zombie which is hard 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 to defeat and give good stuff

  4. There is a conection to seson3 if i recall correctly,on the last seconds we see a creatur like the blind one but…its the boss from the seson with the ship i think it was greg right??

  5. I am really sad about that they would made raids only an able for lvl 150+ and I Hope appdate would be next weekend because I’m not lvl 150+ and I have only one task left

  6. 1:15
    He is not hunting
    He is aiming at the deer and using it as a bait
    As we know that the new zombie hunts deer
    So we will use the deer as bait
    And when it comes we kill it and then take it back at barn area for experiment
    Or we will get points for the pass
    I have already done the same comment on other channel

  7. So my thoery was right on the guy baiting the zombie and i think that somebody collects zombie idk maybe that zombie with the cbrn armor or hazmat has something to do with genesis or works there thats my guess

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