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  1. Niceeee! Following your lead again :)) but just to know in case something happens, did you contact the devs through help from the game?

  2. Alhamdullillah..u got old acc..u try get lastest video before submit to customer care ant try claim fully for s6..but at least try..why not?..but last time i done?.very sad..they end communication with "better than nothing"

  3. Kefir : he broke us, exposed our weaknesses

    Kefir conscience : no hacks, no mods, wth?

    Kefir: fine well, we will just take his Kitty backpack and his premium levels.

  4. Congratulations my bro..
    Happy to see your account get back..
    But even with the kind a base won't the raiders get into it and steal stuff ? I really want to start raiding but I am afraid of losing stuff
    All my steel and guns are already in my base

  5. yessssss… welcome back brother……. and avoid doing cd now lol… they hate it hahaha.. I am happy to see u back in track..we always love u

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