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  1. don't break the wall its waste for c4 just get the gas from chopper and leave (this guy got a revenge raid and he break the wall to get his stuf back)

  2. Правый нижний с покоцанными стволами (дробаш, калаш, М16 и Глок) и 4 серыми картами пу (он спрятан в углу), автор его пропустил. Только что рейдил.

  3. Update December 2021.
    Only box with ANYTHING inside is the small box in upper right corner.
    Use one C4, blow the corner and get the (sad sad) prize. The fuel and articles in the bike are the only redeeming articles.
    1/2 star. Would not loot here again…

  4. wow what a shitty raid. All of the chests were empty for me, except for 1 in the top right corner but that 1 had only lame junk loot in it.

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