LDOE raid ARROW | Reloaded 5x

Generator, Weapons, Armors, and Med Kits. 😃😃😃

0:00 Start
– Bolts(290), Bottle of gasoline(40), Chopper wheel(4), Generator, Rubber parts(74), SWAT armor set, Transistor(160)

2:31 Reload: 1
– Air filter, AK, Alcohol(140), Bandages(172), Beans(235), Carrot(235), Carrot stew(47), Chopper wheel(13), Common log(440), Common plank(43), Duct tape(25), Gasoline(5), Generator, Hammer(21), Heat sensor(2), Jerky(40), Katana, Leather(330), Med Kits(665), SWAT armor set, Turret parts(255), Water(210), Whiskey(76), White paint(27)

8:38 Reload: 2
– Common plank(344), Glock, Hammer(14), Iron bar(324), Oak plank(12), SWAT armor set(11), (missed chest)

11:44 Reload: 3
– Aluminum bar(6), Aluminum plate(5), Bandages(480), Bauxite(12), Copper bar(2), Copper ore(11), Flare gun, Glock(8), Green ticket(350), Katana(15), Leather(140), Med Kit(220), Pipe, Saw blade mace, Steel bar, SWAT armor set(9), Yellow ticket(118)

16:01 Reload: 4
– Electronic circuit, FN SCAR, Gatling gun, Green ticket(100), M16, Med kit(180), Red ticket, Steel plate, VSS, Winchester, Yellow ticket(722)

17:01 Reload: 5 | Actual Raid

Music: “Summer” from Bensound.com


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