LDOE: Bunker Alpha Second Floor (v.1.5.6) (Vid#22)

The 1st Floor is now the Second Floor and the objectives have changed. This is the best way to save guns and kill everything.

Shout out to Two Steps from Hell for their awesome song Victory which I have used a ton:

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  1. IOS USERS! Your bunker will be reset when you update it so make sure the bunker is completely cleared before updating. Especially if you want an extra chance at the gas tank.

  2. I have a way to clear bunker Alfa floor 1-3 and 2 red zones for very little cost (begginers only)
    When you've reached a certain level and an event pops up for a destroyed convoy
    All you need to bring there is a cleaver the one you got from the broken truck in the start
    Or when you reached level 1 and got a golf club as a reward (use that) weapon I don't recommend using spear youl just waste healing items and it's risky
    Bring one weapon no armor
    Just sneak all those enemies
    The important things to retrieve is
    *Green coupons for later
    *Cut finger
    *Equip the armor from dead body when all of the zombies are killed
    *Bunker Alfa code
    When you see the machine gun don't kill the zombies
    Just put it in your inventory as fast as you can and run going left
    You could exit it immediately
    Total cost- 3/4 durability of a golf club/cleaver and 1 bandage
    If your smart make sure to go there with high xp so when you killed a Certain amount of zombies and your health is low
    Your health will go back to full percent from leveling up
    When you exit the area
    Don't enter bunker Alfa!!!
    Wait for the guy with a nail gun to appear
    For that to happen I think youl have to be at a certain level or wait for a couple of days
    You need to get to level 15
    Once your level 15 thats the time to use all your coupons on the red zone
    It will make you level up very fast
    To level 30 I think or 29
    Just wait for him to come
    When you see him eventually take the nail gun and go on a rampage at bunker Alfa
    I got 5 glocks in total 3 machetes
    1 crowbar and 2 full sets of tactical Armor and 1 set of teir 2 armor from doing the bunker Alfa you opened the green coupon chest obviously
    That's how to get alot of stuff for only 1 nail gun given by the game
    And full set of tactical Armor just incase (also from the game) where did you get the tactical Armor?
    From the plane crash duh
    After all of that you don't need to sort out stuff just leave it in the lockers at bunker Alfa
    All you need to do is take 5 bandages with you and loot the two red zones using nail gun and their 2 armor so that when it's about to brake the armor could turn into reinforced teir 2
    And you have so many things now
    Pretty good start ey?
    You also probably got the C4 from the red zone
    Am I lucky ? Or is it for beggingers only just comment here if you got a c4 from the red zone

    I'm so sorry I'm terrible at explaining in text

  3. What you need:

    20x bandages
    2x Saw Blade Mace
    2x Skull Crusher
    1x tactical set
    1x M16
    2x Glocks

    That's what I used, M16 for turret and I was to scared to sneak up on the frenzied Giants so I just gottem with Glocks.


    Ok I just did this with

    1 set of raider armour
    2x skull crushers
    2x sawblade mace
    1 half of a glock
    1x machete
    20x carrots.

  4. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO GET INTO THE BIG ONES ROOM since the new update came and you can't access the computer thing to make you run around… PLEASE!!!!!

  5. I got a warning if you go to the healer and get a vehicle thing and go to the yellow zone there will be a lot of fast zombies and 3 bloater and 1 rapid wolf for noobie I recommend you not to go there cuz I don't have enough weapon so I go to hand fight those zombie I broke all of my weapons :'(

  6. If you need help clearing the bunker, you should watch this video https://youtu.be/W0HxQ5WzBDA

    It shows something called the wall trick.

  7. #JCFMarathonChallange Oh I have wathched this vid like 10 times bc I was so sceared off the bunker.
    I alsi think this is one of the first vids I have ever watched from you.

  8. this was a great video.i watched all of you bunker video and i am very good at bunker runs by using just a glock.seriously your all videoes are awesome.love you man.

  9. Not sure if you know or not, but for the frenzied giant that's inside the locked door. I managed to use a bow to kill it, by not opening the door at all…just killing it and then opening the door.

  10. amazing video man just started to follow your channel may from yesterday you know just catching up, one question are logging out and going to the elevator the same thing? I mean they cause the same effect?

  11. I finally did it. Cleared my first Alfa 2nd and 3rd floor. So happy now. I also got enough tickets to redeem a green and yellow. I didn't get any chopper part though. But still I have 10 green, 8 yellow and 24 Red tickets left. I Will keep those for my next bunker run. Thx for all the awesome videos. Keep up the good work.

  12. Omg. I spent ages trying to find the main loot at the end. Then realised it is not there anymore. Spent a whole week farming so I could get swat armour and weapons. Oh well atleast I have tickets now. Was looking foward to the raid after watching your videos all week. Prepared to late. Well for floor 3 now

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