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  1. In last 5 red chests I've had c-4 once. But unknown crate dropped a engine part as well as an airdrop. Seems more unfair to me

  2. Yeah I used to just about always get c4 out the bunker red chests, but my last 4 or 5 I haven't had any c4 and it just happens that my last 3 raider quests have required c4! ✌️

  3. Thanks for the rundown on modding weapons. Kinda wish that you could mod more then once, and each time the weapon got better.
    Also headphones with a mic are the way to go. I know you have tried that, but you said they were cheap. You don’t need anything fancy but a 15-20$ set would probably work. I also record occasionally so I speak from experience.

  4. I have the same problem with c4… 3rd quest in a row used 2 floppy disks already and didn't get any c4 from red crate for about 5-6 openings :/
    At 50th lvl You have 5% to get ec

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