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  1. Pllllz help , when i restore my account . This messge show to me account data is incorrect .. i try every thing to restore my progress at game and fainlly the game connect by mail but i will play from start .. what i should do . Sorry f my bad english . U try understand me

  2. Eshh thx for the video. It says "account bind error" another Google play account is already bound to ur current in game progress." I read some things in the FAQ on how to solve this but nothing has worked. I am afraid of losing all my data. I also watched some tutorials on yt about this issue. One person said to copy the folder with the game and all its data onto my SD card. Then uninstall the game, re install and it will give me the option to log back on. And back in the settings menu afterward the issue i have will be fixed apparently. BUT I'm still scared if I do that everything will be gone, can anyone help me?

  3. i already try it but still no effect if you use too much (CD) clear data,your progress will be go back from lvl1 same ign,same id #,so sad devs cant give back beacause they say CD is belong to a cheat,me 3 times go back from the start but still playing,😂 tip for being a fellow player,screen shot all your purchase and rewards,id ign

  4. Someone can help me i had keep a data then i reinstall the apps then put the data its not connected in google but when i connect it it says bind error

  5. I don't want to play last day on earth anymore because i can't play the loading screen doesn't work for me all of my progress is gone and I played last day on earth for 10 years maybe 9 years and i am just play clash of clan sorry for the creator off last day on earth and my name was GÅTØ in last day on earth just let my friends know in last day on earth

  6. It’s a dumb question but if I progressed and then all of a sudden I want to sign in to game center it won’t reset what I had

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