Last Day on Earth: Survival First Hour! (Where Are My Pants?? 😅)

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What’s up Team KBA, join me in my first hour gameplay of a new game Last Days on Earth: Survival! It’s currently in beta for mobile but is shaping up to be a very promising world focused on survival with a healthy dose of zombies in the mix 🙂 It’s giving me State of Decay vibes, with deep crafting, foraging and Sims home building which looks dope. There’s no SFX volume adjustment in the game so that’s something they need to add as soon as possible. But anyway, grab the popcorn and let’s see what surviving in this world feels like! Read and watch travel, tech and gaming on my website:

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4 bình luận

  1. Keep up the good work bro. It was very enjoyable watching you and seeing you play one of my favorite mobile games. I gave you a like and I’ll sub to you hopefully your content blows up 👍

  2. great to see you starting to play such a fun game! I'm about level 160 in game and I've been playing for a few months so personally I can tell you it's worth playing if you're ready to put some time in to get good, pretty much just watch beginners tutorials on youtube if you wanna know what to do, remember guns are important and should be kept in chests in your base until later in game and BUNKER ALFA IS KEY you need to get there and start opening green yellow and red crates asap, this is how you get guns, armour, vehicle parts, rare resources etc… I know as I have a good 3 chests full of guns right now. As well as bunker alfa there are other locations such as blackport pd where you can get weapons mods and more loot but don't focus on them until you've got your guns from bunker alfa. Good luck in future and I hope you continue to play! It's so much fun once you've got the hang of everything!

  3. Dope zombie survival game 🤩 Definitely going to continue playing this!
    Read Tech Travel andGaming on my website:
    Keep being awesome world, 1TT

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