LAST DAY ON EARTH SURVIVAL 2.0?! -NEW How to Survive Apocalypse Lone Survivor Last Day (LDOE Ripoff)

Welcome to LAST DAY ON EARTH SURVIVAL 2.0 ?!… I can’t believe what I’m seeing right now… Last Day on Earth Survival 2.0 Gameplay is a “ton” of fun so far lol, but I still hope you guys enjoy the Last Day on Earth Survival 2.0 Gameplay / How to Survive Apocalypse Gameplay! 😀

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What is How to Survive Apocalypse Lone Survivor Last Day on Earth Survival Ripoff?

When trapped in a world that there is only interests but no friendship, what role will you play? In this case, Give you two final choices: to survive or die.

how to Survive is a free sandbox strategy survival game. Your goal as a survivor is find out the truth about the world’s change and live through your survival skills. In the process of exploration, you need to stimulate your combat instincts to face the terrifying mutant zombies. In this last world without friendship, you’re not only facing zombies, but other survivors who are desperate to survive are also a big threat to you. Belive yourself, try to learn all kinds of survival skills to survive in this familiar and unfamiliar world.

Some advice for survivors:

Dangerous enemies and unknown threats:
In this free survival strategy game, you need to be alone to face zombies and other players. Don’t be compassionate, to kill them to plunder their goods, to survive in this last world.

Build a shelter of your own
The threat you face is not just the enemy,weather, food is an important factor that affects your health. Build a house of your own to defend against the enemy and the threat of nature.

Create your own production chain
By learning to unlock new technologies. Using the various basic resources of the expedition to transform and create more advanced technology to make it easier to face various threats. By setting traps to collect prey and to keep them in captivity, growing a variety of crops has kept its supplies flowing.

Improve your life skills and combat skills
The survivors in the game have their own skill trees, you can acquire skill points by constantly collecting resources or by attacking the enemy, get more skills, It means that you’ll survive more easily.

Game with other players
Give full play to your mind to choose ally the player or to defeat the other players, you can also build prisons to imprison your enemies for their resources.


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  1. I tried making this video yesterday, but the game was so broken it wouldn't even load into the first area til today lmao. Enjoy the video 😛
    And if you hate me because of this video, I'm sorry that my meme with "Last Day on Earth 2.No" was not enough to win you over </3

  2. Does this game still exist cause I watch all you videos and also play last day on Earth. And always look for those quilitys in a game. Thanks Melissa Carlton

  3. The cooked meat texture is cooked bear meat from rust and backpack is from pubg and i think some clotges too from pubg metal pickaxe texture is from rust too and the iron ore texture is high quality metal ore from rust raw meat is pork from rust ps: the game is removed

  4. I like the building, like the wood walls, that's about it though, like if ldoe made the wall as like that I'd be happy, but other then that this game is 100% the same xD like the sounds for crafting, doors opening, walking, leveling up, it's all the same 😂

  5. I love the fact that you can start fresh, anyways, I'm with you on how a copy might do. It might not be as great but, can be good in the long run. Post some more gspot! I mean gplay.

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