Last Day on Earth: People Are Asking Me If They Should Quit LDOE?

Falcon quit playing Last Day on Earth along with lots of other great LDOE players. Are the Devs of Last Day on Earth losing their edge or are they just preparing for something amazing?

Shout out to the Research Team. They are what makes this channel great.

Shout out to Two Steps from Hell for their awesome song Victory which I have used a ton: I also sometimes use their other song, Pegasus

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  1. Holy cow! This is from TWO YEARS AGO?! Didn’t notice til AFTER I saw the video; it looked and felt like a CURRENT topic lol.

  2. i used to love this game and supported it for a year, but when they still ignore completing some of the base items and crafting tables and keep on adding new concept stuff i had enough. i play westland survival now, at least that is complete

  3. I quitted the game, I don't like the fact every new thing is so hard to grind and every few update they tease us by reducing either worth of that item or making them easy to grind

  4. This game had so much potential,theirs an unrealesed atv,zombie truck,and a helicopter but it would might take more spaces because the game is still in beta and it’s already take up 400 megabytes

  5. Stopped playin this. Now in playing the outlived. I actually dont like the goofiness and the graphics but its features are good like multiplayer. Maybe ill be back if kefir start making a big move improving their game, and not adding temporary stuffs that has 50 to 90 mb memory over and over again. Someday ldoe will beat pubg in terms of memory.haha 1gb+ …rip

  6. Dude this game is too much fun for me to give up. It's kinda like playing the early resident evil games so it's just great. I'm only level 60 right now tho.

  7. dev are greedy af making their game wayyyy to hard/grindy to make the player frustrated af so they will spend money.
    1. bunker with some common loot? wtf is this shit??
    i expect bunker to have like some rare loot that can only obtained inside the bunker itself but no most of the loot i got is common af. they also put the big one in the floor 2 but player cant access it? its been patched btw so i know what im talking about.
    there are clearly some rare loot for the chopper in the bunker but ITS NOT ACCESSIBLE!!
    2. let say u cook meat and then there said "pay xx coin to skip" BUT THEY DIDNT TELL U THAT IT ONLY SKIP FOR 1 FUCKING MEAT. WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? 1 MEAT ONLY? im expecting it will skip all the meat but ofc not, these greedy ass bitch.
    3. I'VE PLAYED THIS GAME FOR MORE THAN A YEAR!!! and i still haven't finish the FUCKING CHOPPER!!!!!
    4. hey guys look there is book that can gain you exp for exploration but we will only gonna give u 1 book and there is no way getting it unless u buy it from us.
    5. oh is this ur 9999 times u have been to red zone? wow to show u our sense of pride & accomplishment there is a crate u can open there that stuff with loot u already got but we double the quantity. HORAYY!!!

    i swear there's still lot more but i forgot and kinda lazy to think about it.

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