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  1. To all the people out there… You can get these setting for you phone carrier. Just google them. Example search: mmsc for (enter carrier here).

  2. what am i doing by adding Azercell?? …and how/why (!!!!!!) does this help? i wish there was more explanation!!!! You seem like great guys but i don't even know who Azercell is and why this will help. i'm with TMobile… don't they have some Network Solution for this? you seem like you've done this 10,000 times (because you do it so quickly) but for the rest of the world, this should be done more slowly with some sort of explanations pleeeeeease. (and instead of showing your finger typing, we need a close up of the SCREEN… you go so fast it's hard to even see what you're typing). UGH. The sad part is this probably WOULD solve my problem but i don't get why i'm adding Azercell instead of something from TMobile. SMH. dangit. 🙁

  3. Is it possible to give your video 10 thumbs down? Now my phone is completely unusable Samsung galaxy note 3 and four are completely screwed now. Email me [email protected] Switched a phone to cricket huge mistake just wasted almost 4 entire days of my life and almost starving to death.

  4. So my AP and was blank and I've been on the phone for 39 hours straight with my cricket cell phone representatives so the APN was completely blank so I input what you said to put in that field but now how do I create the new something that you said we have to do after that we create something new but where do you go to do that on a galaxy note 3?

  5. You totally lost me where you said add a new APN galaxy note 4 does not have that and now I'm stuck because it says cannot leave a blank or something or another but I don't know where it is that I'm supposed to type the very first step is where you went 10,000,000,000 miles to fast.

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