I OPENED *NEW* HIDDEN CRATES! (and i was shocked) – Last Day on Earth: Survival

Welcome to Last Day on Earth: Survival I Opened New Hidden Crates and I was shocked! New Update and LDoE Season 10 continues! Week 2 has arrived and we have some new tasks!

NEW ACCOUNT! (Ep 1 | Free To Play) – Last Day on Earth: Survival

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  1. god bless you guys and cairek you too man
    my brother is a biggest fan in your videos
    please shout out to my brother in your latest video(if not a burden)
    he just a kid like 10 years old thank youuuuu

  2. Hallo sir, i was die when im in contract to capture zombie, can i get my backpack and tools again? I hate it, won't lose my backpack and tools

  3. I have more then enough items, and it works qiet good meanwhile, but the reward in the boxes are hilarious!
    PS. Nobody needs Plastik 😁

  4. Completely agree. A lot of these seasonal content could and should be implemented permanently, which they will reduce the repetitiveness of the game and being a new daily routine for the players. It just sucks that after so many effort and resources being put into making these events yet they only last 30 days.Even if the rewards will altered after the season, we still want them to be permanent!

  5. yup those research rewards are soooo baaaad kefir really failed on it and the oh hey buy this buy this that is both highlighted and pops up! when you leave the map is very cash grabby

  6. I have actually gotten 1 carbon composite from researcher's crate, so you can get some nice items, but wish we gotten more, not just 1 piece

  7. Cairek big fan please tell me what will happen if I start my ldoe account in this season 10 what will happen and where will I get my Alfa bunker
    Please cairek or anyone

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