I Opened 100+ Marks of Excellence Crates in LDOE & Here's What I Got!

How good are those new Last Day on Earth marks of excellence crates? That’s the question that I’ve been thinking about since the crates released along with the calendar system. In this video I created an infographic of the rewards I got from opening 102 of the crates.

Want to see the livestream moment where I cracked open all the crates? Check this out:

Nguồn: https://ngomonghung.vn

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  1. Keep it up bro. Some content creators keep the game alive. But we needed is the new mechanics and new content permanent ones and map expansion of both single and multiplayer areas. This will make the game is very interesting. I know no one agree in this community. Sad thing

  2. Good video Dan, Its good information.i think that the rewards are interesting at least. I notice that the events start to repeat over and over again like supply and weekend events do not change the weapon. I feel like this is a drawback so far because I wanted other weapons buffed like modded skullcrusher or sawblade mace so that's my thoughts about the calendar. The marks is ok for now.

  3. The armor from these crates, is really a lifesaver. I'm farming a lot of ash recently, and thanks to those armor in inbox, i can keep my inventory full of ash logs.

  4. I think so if ldoe would give 4 option to choose that would be better bec after we open 5 cartes the 6th 7th and 8th creat is garbage and we would have a variety to choose if they gave 4 instead of 3.

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