I FOUND A SUNKEN BOX USING A SECRET KEY! (insane rewards) – Last Day on Earth: Survival

Last Day on Earth: Survival I Found a Sunken Box Using a Secret Key and received Insane Rewards! Finally New Update with Last Day on Earth Season 13 is here!

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24 bình luận

  1. Dang i‘m level 80 and have done all deliveries and got the box, but sadly THE ACID BATH…SO MANY ITEMSS UGHHH will take a while. Soon or later i‘ll have it

  2. Hey uhhhhh does anyone know how to get electronic circuits?cuz i need it to complete my acid bath cuz i need it to open up my crane crate

  3. Amm can I ask a question about that amm can I carry the box home without a chopper??? I'm a bit new to the game and I'm still struggling to get the rarest parts of the chopper but I can manage 😅

  4. Happy Cairek you are the best youtuber ever i will watch your videos all day and night if i could but i have to do things but i get like 3 videos in a day that i watch ty for making the best videos for me and the entire Cairek nation. have a nice day

  5. How do I get another chopper wheel and handle brake thing I can’t f-in find them like should I do bunker alpha a lot or farm, I’m only level 18 because I restarted but still

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