I Found a NEW SECRET Weapon! – Last Day on Earth: Survival

Last Day on Earth: Survival I Found a New Secret Weapon Dissolver! New Update and LDoE Laboratory is finally here! We are clearing the lab and fighting two new bosses Necrotic Hybrid and Carrion and opening new crate!

LDoE Ep 1 (Free to Play):

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  1. Is actually for the titanium miner, is locate from the island watchtower when complete the watchtower then u could travel to the cave to get titanium with that machine.

  2. A lot of people skips this boss because yeah, it's just your generic gear-wasting instant-killing boss that is just honestly not worth it. 10 damage from a Vintorez? Instant kills every now and then? "Faster speed and stronger armor as health goes lower" When its base armor is already stupidly high? It's all artificial difficulty which reward is only a couple keycards. Using Neutralizer or Equalizer on the boss itself is a waste.

  3. I haven’t played in so long and now there is so much stuff like how bean cans aren’t blue any more, bandages look weird, and there are so many more things it’s pretty overwhelming

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