How to Fix Nox Player Stuck at 99% on Starting in Windows 10/8/7

Fix Nox Player Stuck at 99% on Starting

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  1. Hello can you please help I tried all you fixed but still stuck at 99

    Although my pc is 64 bit yet i am unable to run your 64 bit emulator (any emulator i tried nox player and blue stack 64 bit) here are my pc specs

    core 2 quad q9400

    ddr3 ram 4×2=8gb

    boot ssd 120 gb

    game hdd 300 gb

    gpu gt710 2gb

    windows 10 64 bit

    and virtualization is enabled in bios.

    i have tried to open emulator while virtual machine platform and hyper vision platorn is on and also while they are off.

    64 bit emulator is installed easily no issues, but while opening its stuck on 99% and fails to open.while 32 bit emulator has no issues at all. the game i want to install is dead by daylight which i wont be able to play on 32 bit, so please provide solution, its been weeks i have been trying to search for solution.

    Thank you in advance.

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