GIVE UP!.. (No More Raids) – Last Day on Earth: Survival

Welcome to Last Day on Earth: Survival Give Up and No More Raid. Most likely it’s not the end of my raids, but man… These raids are so bad nowadays.


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  1. Iv been working on the m16 mods cuz the game gives you more m16 than any other assualt rifles
    PS. The raids for lower level players are still pretty good, i got 3 scar and full inventory of med kits also been getting ton of steal from raids

  2. Every raid can’t result in a superstar raid. I’m actually amazed at the loot I see in some of the raids posted on YouTube and Discord. Often times it seems a little too over the top good.

  3. Excuse me if raiding Base is that bad for us then can't kefir remove the task bar given to us to do before raiding,
    some off the task giving to me can tale a while like that blind one mission and red zone looting

  4. They need to fix raids it takes me 1 day to do all the tasks i use 5-7 guns and melee weapons every time and i find trash bases with wood and rocks… And i use C-4 to open most of the bases to get wood…

  5. Ok I have a question how did you get so high on so quickly I'm lvl 20 and I'm having a hard time time getting passed bloodbathed restaurant and I not moving as fast as I would like to and in the end I'll eventually stop playing because of it have a great day

  6. I dont think Bunker Alpha is worth it, i only go there for Gas Tank and i opened 10+ crates still havent got it. And the stuff i got from thr crates ended up used for thr bunker so its just gonna cycle till ill stop which is when i get the tank…

  7. Starsnipe gets sick raids. Maybe you need to do what he does with leaving stuff outside for raiders. He leaves a level one chest wall and floor outside to be destroyed.

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