Free Coin – Unlimited | Corgy Guide | Last Day On Earth Survival

LDOE Free Coin – Unlimited | Corgy Tips | Last Day On Earth Survival
LDOE Free Coin every day, unlimited when active, lucky trait, corgy

Simple style
✅ Enjoy The Little Things. 🚮

Simple device + simple skill = Simple Content 🤣

For your reference ( another armorless & Medicineles bunker Alfa gameplay videos ):
Bunker Alfa Floor 2 ( Normal )

Bunker Alfa Floor 2 ( Hard )

Bunker Alfa Floor 3 ( Normal )

Bunker Alfa Floor 3 ( Hard )

Bunker Alfa Floor 4 ( Normal )

Bunker Alfa Floor 4 ( Hard )

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20 bình luận

  1. I still can’t believe you got those true friend dogs I just did the exact thing you did with like double the amount of dogs and half of them didn’t even turn out to be tier 4 :,(

  2. How we know the chances of getting level 4 corgi and with lucky coin on it? Because i have many corgi's level 3 or 4 and noone has lucky coin

  3. Corgy are trash you only get only 1 coin per day better buy it with real money instead of wasting so much time if you want coins that is

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