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Hi Survivors,
In this video I Shared About Everything about Raid including How to raid, threat of attack, revenge raid, base design & Updated Raid Mechanics. Enjoy…. 😉


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Best Horde & Raid Proof Base

How I Clear Farm, Only 2% Know This Trick


0:00 Intro
0:13 Eligibility For Raiding
0:26 How To Call Raiders
1:34 How To Raid A Base
5:39 Raiders Share
6:46 Threat Of Attack & Revenge Raid
7:45 Base Design
9:08 Outro


Last Day on Earth is a FREE MMORPG zombie shooter survival and strategy game, where all survivors are driven by one goal: stay alive and survive as long as you can and smash walking dead zombies. This is a pay-to-win survivor sandbox game developed by Kefir Games. The game is currently in Beta v.1.18.2 and is available on Android and iOS.



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  1. There is a problem that should be improved with updates, the first is when the raider asks, to perform the task twice in a row

    For example, he asks you the first time to kill the witch, and then asks again to kill her! You have to wait three days for the witch to appear again

    The second problem is completely related to the first problem, the (refuse) option.. What is its use if it returns everything? He was supposed to change the tasks so that the problem I mentioned above did not occur

  2. 1. Do we raid real players' base or AI base?
    2. If we got raided, do we lost our stuffs or just copy?
    3. Only AI raid us back or real players too?

  3. is it worth to raid without any walls at base? because i dont have that many resources but in the chests i have many good stuff

  4. Kinda random question but if I raid someone and their base name is player** or something is that a bot cos I don’t think I’ve gotten an actual player in a while

  5. I know I'm late to the party and that I'll probably be left here unread for a long while but I still have to ask can I get raided if I don't raid any AIs?

  6. The fact that you have to complete new tasks every time you want to ride is boring and annoying. I stopped doing raids just for this reason.

  7. As for having your base raided you can store your valuables in the bunkers (alfa, bravo, ect.) Never get raided and easy access

  8. Question!! If I put some valuable thing in my acid bath, can we or the raiders raid the thing inside of the acid bath?

  9. Matlab may ek baar raid karunga toh koi aur mere base ko raid karega kya mujhay laga tha ki sirf agar may raiders ko kuch ni dunga toh woh mujhay raid karengay

  10. Hy , i would like to ask something , i am lvl 200 i play from little bit over 2 years but unfortunatelly i stopped playing for almost a year and started recently again , i would like to ask you , i have a rack full of c4 and i am scared to raid because of that maybe my base get destroyed i have 2 layers of stone walls but i am more farmer than raider in any game so is it worth to raid or my base will get raided always ? So if i start i get every day raided even if i stopped ? Or if i stop they stop 😛

  11. I haven’t watched the whole vid yet but how long does raiders take to spawn again after u raided and if I refuse to share then they come for me and timer ends does they spawn any time or randomly after timer ends

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