Come Look Inside the Vault! | Totally Not Prepared | 7 Days to Die Alpha 20

==== The Vault ====
I typically enjoy a combined horde base and crafting base. On the Totally Not Prepared Server I decided to finally separate my bases and design a unique crafting base that won’t hold up to a horde, but has some unique defenses. This base boasts a complex electrical system all wired from a central power room and then filtered through the base via a series of service tunnels. This allows for automated garage doors, motion sensor turrets, and controlled lighting.

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If you have more questions, come hang out on discord and join my 7 Days to Die Community server. We are grinding away on Alpha 20 and are happy to help new folks!


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0:00 – 1:15 Base Overview
1:16 – 5:14 Outside of the Vault
5:15 – 10:18 What’s In the Vault?
10:19 – 13:55 This is a Farm?

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25 bình luận

  1. The red stone is the reason all my bunker bases are in the desert 😁😁

    Great idea with the grids and lichting! I might hijack it for my bunker bases 😂

  2. Discustingly gorgeous base, my dude!!! Gosh i'm totaly going to make something inspired on this in the future (on DF btw)! Keep it up.

  3. You always have the most creative setups! I can't imagine how long it must have taken you to make this.. but looks like it was time well spent. The ambiance is awesome duder 🤙

  4. Nice one mate. Really looking forward to the underground farming vid. As a bunker obsessed, inveterate digger I'd really like to avoid the sky as much as possible, so that'd be a big help.

  5. Your designs are always so inspiring! I need to make a desert base in my playthrough soon. I'm definitely going to use your grate covered sandstone idea, thanks! I also love the motion sensors in the floors.

  6. Ahh, this base has some of the BEST LIGHTING I've ever seen! Absolutely gorgeous with great textures and lots of dimensions that tantalize the eyes!! 🤩👍

  7. Great video, I like your presentation style. Just a heads up though, the sound quality is not good. The volume is low and you sound a little muffled. Might want to look into a new mic or play with your recording settings.

  8. I always found your builds inspirational. The way you hide the wiring inside walls and build access tunnels to get to those turrets at the front of the base to reload them mid-battle is always amazing to me as I don't normally plan these things out far enough to even think about doing that. I'm more of an eh, it's good enough kind of guy and leave a huge mess of wiring all over the place, so seeing someone who spends the time to plan out such amazing bases inspires me to design my own bases much better. Thank you!

  9. i did the flip the bars(i used bars) to make my cages for my first "good" base, on top of the drive-in. it looks cool even with bars but its hard to see anything under a blood moon…i bet those would be terrible to see anything through….looks awesome though….

  10. Hot forges stacked on top of each other. Forges on timber crates….filled with ammo materials….would be better if you had a dedicated hot room / forging area without stacking forges

  11. I really like the crafting area setup it's very efficient in the way the boxes are place to the crafting stations it makes a efficient design

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