30 THINGS THAT WERE SUPPOSED TO BE IN LDoE! – Last Day on Earth: Survival

Welcome to Last Day on Earth: Survival 30 Things that were supposed to be in LDoE. Let’s talk about cancelled new locations and items, as well as mentioning ideas that are lost and forgotten.

THIS ACTUALLY WORKS! (Trapping Raiders) – Last Day on Earth: Survival

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  1. These are the games I played on the channel. If you are interested make sure to check them out ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  2. When you take a look at the past in the present things changed a lot and they are good changes.
    I do want to comment on reinforced tactical armor and flamethrower
    tactical armor reinforced: would save much more armor since you can use up most durability on it then reinforce it to have a full durability again.
    flamethrower: would be a very powerful weapon, *THEY DIDN'T ADD IT CAUSE KEFIR MAKES FIRE LOOK SO CHEAP*like in the infected forest dealing with witch blowing up blob the fire looks so cheap

  3. I really do love this game. Been playing since release, have a level 200 toon, have a mostly steel base and have logged tons of hours into this game but it seems like the devs have zero love for players like me (us). All updates seem to be carrots on strings for new or mid level players (which is fine in theory); additions like season 1, basements and battle passes. Things that make you keep going when you first start out but there is just no love for end level players. Aside from running alpha for the 8 millionth time, raiding and the police station they just dont have any content for players that have collected all the carrots I previously mentioned. The game is great for new players but after a few months there just isnt anything to do. They desperately need an update or two to give end game level toons something, ANYTHING, to do. A new zone, the ATV, more/harder missions, another bunker, something! There is enough content for people just picking up LDOE for the first time, the devs gotta give us some sort of end game level content or this great game will just be a great game with a terrible short shelf life. So fuck sector 7, fuck basements, fuck seasons with garbage rewards and tasks that revolve around killing hundreds of green zone zombies. Give us something, anything that can be considered a challenge.

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